Raptor Chain Cutter


The Raptor Nozzle is a powerful nozzle to open and remove heavy obstructions caused by roots, grease, or any other solid organic material in no time. The chain head is turbine driven and spins approx. between 6000 and 12000 rpm, depeding on water flow and pressure.

The Raptor chain cutter succeeds where standard hydro mechanic tools fail!

The Raptor Nozzle can be converted from a total blockage remover to a chain cutter capable of operating in a 4” – 6“ sewer line (1/2” Raptor Noz le) and 6” – 8” sewer lines (1” Raptor Nozzle) by unscrewing the drill head and attaching the chain retainer with chains.


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Technical specifications

⬢ 10322 1/2“ 4,3“ 2,2“ 3x M6 ISK F 3x M6 ISK R 22° 18 US gallon/min 4“ - 6“ 3,5 lbs
⬢ 10323 1“ 5,9“ 2,8“ 3x M6 ISK F 6x M6 ASK R 22° 40 - 60 US gallon/min 6“ - 10“ 6,8 lbs


Download the current product catalog here.