Intersewer - Nozzles Made in Germany

Intersewer has been based in Gärtringen, a town with a population of 12.000 in the vicinity of Stuttgart, Germany, since 2011. The company quickly established itself with the “Bluestar” brand of sewer cleaning nozzles developed and manufactured to the highest technical standards by ISO 9001:2008 certification in Germany. Thanks to strong expansion and a well-developed international sales network, Intersewer now globally sells sewer cleaning nozzles, root cutters and milling cutters. Reputable sewer truck manufacturers on several continents are among the customers of Intersewer to equip their jetter- and combo trucks with “Bluestar” nozzles.

The “Bluestar” nozzles convince to this day with high quality, unrivaled efficiency and a fair price-performance ratio.

2011 - The cornerstone of a success story

  • 2011 Intersewer founding year

    Interests of Intersewer UG (limited liability)

  • 2013 Enlargement of the office space

    Move to more than 180 square meters of office space and rent an external warehouse

  • 2016 purchase of a sewer cleaning vehicle

    Acquisition of a sewer cleaning vehicle to demonstrate and test the Bluestar nozzles and milling cutters

  • 2016 Development of the North American market

  • 2017 Foundation of SewerProShop, LLC

    Foundation of the American subsidiary with a sales and service center in Marietta, Georgia, USA

  • 2017 Intersewer headquarters opened

    Relocation to the new Intersewer company headquarters on more than 700 square meters with a large warehouse, shipping/receiving center, assembly areas as well as office, training and meeting rooms.

  • 2018 Foundation of the Intersewer Academy

    Introduction of qualification and educational opportunities in the in-house Intersewer Academy for sales partners.

What makes our nozzles so successful?

Intersewer proudly manufactures innovative, high quality sewer cleaning equipment, precision engineered  to the highest technical standards by ISO 9001:2008 certification in Germany.

These products are leaders in the sewer cleaning industry and include nozzles, chain cutters, milling cutters, specialty tools and accessories for the global municipal and industrial markets.

For this we only work with carefully selected regional partners. Bluestar nozzles and milling cutters are subjected to regular quality controls, tests and further innovated if necessary. The completion of your order, the final inspection and the packaging are carried out by our employees at the assembly stations in the headquarters. So you can be sure that our product keeps what it promises in the catalog. 100% Made in Germany!

Intersewer Academy

The Intersewer Academy, founded in 2018, goes beyond the mere sale of sewer cleaning equipment and prepares you for the successful sale and use of our products. Our academy offers you qualification and educational opportunities as well as workshops and trains you in product launches. With this additional offer we provide you with indispensable know-how and share the secret of the success of our products.